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Proper lawn care is important to the health and appearance of your yard. It is also time consuming. An experienced Augusta GA lawn care service can help take some – or all – of this work off of your plate. While some lawn care companies specialize in lawn maintenance, others specialize in landscape design and others – like Matthews Turf Management – specialize in lawn fertilization and weed control. You may need all of these services or only one of them. Regardless of your specific lawn care needs, here are several tips to assist you when choosing a lawn care provider.


It turns out that lawn care is a difficult job! As with most professions, lawn care service is not as simple as it seems, and the old adage usually stands true – you get what you pay for. While hiring your high school neighbor may be a great choice when your grass is looking shaggy, when you are looking for comprehensive services that you can trust, you must first take the time to understand the company’s approach to lawn care. How many years of experience do they have? How do they maintain their knowledge in the field? It is important to hire someone who will not do anything that could damage your lawn, like cutting your grass too short or applying chemicals that can burn it. A knowledgeable lawn care professional can also help you improve the health and appearance of your outdoor spaces, including diagnosing and recommending solutions for a diseased lawn or erosion challenges.


Some lawn care companies require you to sign a yearly contract. Others allow you to pay on a month to month basis. Some may provide both options but offer a discount if you pay up front or choose an autopay option.

If you are hiring a lawn care provider for a specific project, review the quote carefully before you commit to their services. Make sure each of the elements you discuss is reflected in the total cost. However inconvenient, it is typically recommended that you get quotes from at least three companies for any landscaping project.


Before you commit to a lawn care service, ask questions about their approach to communication and scheduling. Do they text or call before they arrive at your home? Do they come on the same day of the week or month? Who will you speak to if you call their business? Do you have to be home for services to take place? Are team members responsive to questions? Will you need to keep your children or pets out of your yard? Multiple approaches can be effective, but it’s important to understand what to expect – and ensure that their approach fits your lifestyle.


Notice an attractive lawn in your neighborhood? Ask your neighbor who handles their lawn care. You can also pay attention to lawn care vehicles in your area and talk with your neighbors about their satisfaction. Don’t forget to ask your friends and coworkers for their recommendations. While we previously discussed the value of experience, a trusted contact may be able to vouch for a new company that you may not be familiar with, and in many cases, newly established businesses may offer extremely competitive rates as they work to establish their client base.


Some lawn care companies, especially in the lawn fertilization and weed control space, use fertilizers and herbicides. If it is important to you, ask questions about how their products impact children and pets, wildlife and pollinators, and the environment. Some lawn care providers offer green options at an alternative price point.

Often, inexperienced companies will use too many synthetic fertilizers to green the grass. It may look good for a time, but it doesn’t improve the health of your grass.


This can feel challenging to discern. What can you do to find out if the lawn service provider will work hard for your yard without taking advantage of you? Before you commit to a contract or provide a down payment, you can contact the Better Business Bureau via phone or website. You can also check Google and other review sites to see client experiences – both positive and negative. While one negative review may be an outlier, read one and two-star reviews carefully to see if clients are consistently complaining about similar issues. Also, it’s often best to avoid lawn care companies that are initially unresponsive or difficult to communicate with, as it may indicate a negative pattern of behavior.

Finally, remember that you don’t have to stay loyal to an organization that isn’t loyal to you or isn’t producing the results you need.

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Matthews Turf Management is a lawn care company that specializes in lawn fertilization and weed control for residential and commercial properties in the greater Augusta, GA, area, including Evans, Grovetown & Martinez, GA, and North Augusta & Aiken, SC. Matthews is committed to consistent, quality service and regular client communication. Because Matthews is a local company, our prices are lower than that of our franchised competitors. We also offer discounts for military personnel, medical and first responders and teachers.

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