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All About Pre-Emergent

Should you apply a pre-emergent on your lawn? If you want to minimize weeds in your grass, then the answer is yes. Pre-emergent herbicides prevent seeds from germinating, in turn preventing weeds from growing.

For a pre-emergent to work, it must be applied within a short calendar window. If you miss this window, weed seeds will sprout and the pre-emergent will not be effective. In the CSRA, the optimal time to apply spring pre-emergent is about three weeks long – the last week in February and the first two weeks in March. When you apply the pre-emergent, the ground temperature should be 55 degrees and rising, but, as mentioned previously, before seeds begin the germination process. This application tackles summer weeds like nutsedge, the extremely challenging crabgrass and many others.

Things to note:

  1. Don’t apply pre-emergent to a wet lawn, so check your weather app to avoid rain immediately before or after application. However, you’ll need to water your lawn within a few days of applying a pre-emergent (usually 3-5 days). Watering enables the pre-emergent to move into the soil and to seeds.
  2. There are two primary types of pre-emergents – selective and non-selective. Selective pre-emergents target a specific type of weed. Non-selective pre-emergents target all seeds (and therefore, all weeds). With this in mind, you get broader coverage with a non-selective pre-emergent, but it must be applied carefully to ensure desired plants and shrubs aren’t negatively affected.
  3. Apply your pre-emergent evenly – and water it evenly – to ensure your entire lawn benefits from the application.
  4. Ingredients in pre-emergents vary, but in most instances, they can be harmful if ingested so pets and children should not be allowed in areas of application for at least 24 hours.

Remember, while many lawn care tasks are more flexible, it is critical to apply pre-emergent the right way at the right time. To ensure unwanted weeds don’t overtake your lawn, weed control, including a pre-emergent, is key, but the process doesn’t have to overwhelming, The knowledgeable team at Matthews Turf Management can help you apply your pre-emergent correctly to save you time and stress and to keep your weeds under control – and your lawn looking its best. We help homeowners across the greater Augusta, GA, area, including Evans & Grovetown, GA, and North Augusta, SC. Call today to request a quote. New customers receive 25 percent off their first treatment!

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