Mole Cricket Control

Augusta GA Mole Cricket Control Services

Matthews Turf Management offers mole cricket control services to clients throughout the CSRA. At Matthews Turf Management we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we use and the care we take with all of our clients in the greater Augusta and Evans, GA, area. Matthews Turf Management uses the most quality products available and the results show. We specialize in residential and commercial mole cricket control while maintaining your lawn.

Mole Cricket Control with Matthews Turf Management

While mole crickets aren’t harmful to people or pets, a mature mole cricket population can cause significant damage to your lawn. Mole crickets feed on plant roots, stems and leaves, but the majority of damage results from their tunneling. When mole crickets are present, you may notice irregular tunnels or disturbed soil, as well as dying grass. If you see signs of mole crickets in your yard, let us help you combat these frustrating and invasive insects.

At Matthews, we set ourselves apart with our professionalism and client-focused business approach. We’re friendly, experienced, and prioritize keeping you informed. While we apply your lawn maintenance treatments and services, we are happy to answer any questions about our services or make recommendations to ensure your treatments are effective. Our extensive informational texts include advanced notice on when to expect us to service your property, billing info and other details. We also send texts and alerts letting you know what products we are using to treat your lawn.


Matthews Turf Management is proud to offer the following discounts:

  • Active & retired military discounts
  • First responders & medical field discounts
  • Teacher discounts
  • Pay for the year up front and get 5% off

We guarantee if you ever have any issues, a Matthews team member will come back – free of charge – until you are satisfied with our mole cricket control services.

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