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Why Do Weeds Keep Growing in My Yard?

Weeds – you pull them up and another quickly pops up in its place. You struggle to find a plant that likes a particular location in your yard, yet weeds seem to thrive there. You’re trying to be a responsible property owner, yet weeds are challenging your efforts – and your patience.

If left to their own devices, weeds thrive because they are hardy plants with large seed banks. This means they can spread and grow quickly and compete with other plants for resources. After seeds are spread, they can survive for a long amount of time – years in some cases, before germinating with the right combination of water, sun, and warmth. Weeds can make your lawn and flower beds look unkempt, but more importantly, when not addressed, weeds can overtake and choke out desirable plants and grasses. Let’s look at the primary ways weeds spread.

The majority of weed seeds are blown and distributed by the wind. A familiar example is a dandelion. Each dandelion seed is attached to and carried by a parachute-like element. A dandelion’s design allows seeds to spread quickly across your lawn on a breezy day.

Rain across plays a key role in transporting seeds. When it rains, seeds are carried by moving water. This is a key reason why weeds seem to gravitate to cracks in your sidewalk, driveway, walkway or patio.

Another common way seeds spread are animals and other living things. Does your cat or dog ever come inside covered in seed burrs? Some weed seeds easily attach to animal fur, and when an animal moves from place to place or scratches its fur, seeds may be distributed to new areas. And don’t underestimate poop. Birds and small animals eat seeds, and their excrement can disperse seeds, along with a bit of “fertilizer” which enhances the seed’s growth potential.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons that weeds seem to appear overnight in new locations in your lawn and flower beds. To ensure unwanted weeds don’t overtake your lawn, weed control is key. The knowledgeable team at Matthews Turf Management can help save you time and stress, while keeping your weeds under control – and your lawn looking its best. We help homeowners across the greater Augusta, GA, area, including Evans & Grovetown, GA, and North Augusta, SC.

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