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Augusta GA Lawn Care and Treatment Services

You can spend hours mowing and edging your grass, but without proper nutrition and preventative treatments, lawns may struggle with weeds, patchy growth and brown patches, and your yard can quickly become an eyesore. Matthews Turf Management specializes in lawn fertilization and weed control services for residential and commercial properties throughout the greater Augusta, GA, area and across the CSRA of Georgia and South Carolina, including Evans, Grovetown, Martinez and Hephzibah, GA; North Augusta and Aiken, SC and surrounding counties. We keep your lawn looking and feeling its best.


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Matthews Turf Management uses the highest quality products available and the results show for it.


We offer lawn fertilization & weed control services to homeowners throughout the CSRA.


Matthews Turf Management gives your lawn the care and attention it needs to thrive throughout the year.


Our control treatments will protect your children and pets. We put an emphasis on safety, for both us and the customer.

Lawn Care Services

Our team members care about our customers, and we set ourselves apart with our knowledge and professionalism. Matthews Turf Management keeps you updated with the treatments being used in the yard. We send texts and alerts letting you know what products we are using to treat your lawn. Our extensive informational texts also include advanced notice on when to expect us to service your property, billing info, and other relevant details. We also understand that life gets busy – someone does not need to be home during the treatment application, though we welcome the company if you’d like to see us in action.

Lawn Treatment Services

A member of the Matthews Turf Management team will treat your lawn eight (8) times each year. An application will occur every 6-8 weeks. Our calendar year treatment plan includes pre and post emergent, lawn fertilization, weed control and fire ant control. A fall lime and calcium application is also included. No contract is required and one-off treatments to address concerns are always free of charge.

Commonly Asked Questions

No, we do not offer lawn mowing or related lawn maintenance services. Our lawn care and treatment services are a complement to traditional lawn care services. We help make the time you spend mowing, trimming, pruning, and mulching isn’t overshadowed by an unhealthy lawn.

Usually, we don’t require you to mow prior to applying products. However, it is beneficial to mow and rake before you fertilize, as it allows the fertilizer to more effectively reach the soil. In other words, spending some time on leaf removal prior to our arrival wouldn’t hurt, especially during the fall months.

Many experts also recommend thatching your lawn and aerating your soil before fertilizing. These two processes are unique but complementary. Aeration creates pathways for nutrients and moisture to penetrate your soil. A thin layer of thatch (a mixture of dead and living organic matter that forms near plant roots) is beneficial to your lawn, but if it is too thick, it can negatively affect grass growth. Typically, you’ll aerate or dethatch when your grass is actively growing. Reach out to us if you have any questions about how these or other landscaping and lawn maintenance projects may impact your treatment.

When done properly, fertilizing can help set up a new lawn for long-term success. Contact us today to discuss how our lawn services can benefit your seeding or sodding projects.

We have helped to successfully repair many lawns that were overcome by weeds, patchy growth and disease. We can help you determine if your lawn can be revitalized with our treatment program or if your yard may benefit from seeding or resodding. We are knowledgeable about the different grass types commonly planted in the CSRA.

It is important to water your lawn after fertilizing. Watering washes the fertilizer into the soil, so it can effectively do its job. But you don’t need an irrigation service – a traditional sprinkler will do the trick. If you use a portable sprinkler, be sure to move it around your yard to ensure that all areas of your lawn are watered. (So, you don’t need to start researching the design and installation of an irrigation system!)

When a Matthews Turf Management professional arrives at your location, they will provide any specific direction regarding when to water and for how long.

Matthews will visit your home or business eight (8) times per year. We will treat all the lawn areas in your outdoor space, including your front and backyard. During each visit, we will communicate the products used to treat your lawn. We will provide advance notice if we need to reschedule due to weather conditions that may impact the effectiveness of treatment.

We specialize in residential and commercial lawn fertilization and weed control services, so our lawn service leaves your trees, shrubs, bushes and other landscaping untouched.

Our calendar year treatment plan includes fire ant control. Mole cricket treatments are also available when applicable.

The cost of our services depend on the size of the area to be treated. When you contact us for a free quote, we provide an estimate based on your lawn’s square footage. If you choose us to treat your lawn, no contract is required and one-off treatments to address concerns are always free of charge. New clients get a 50 percent their first application when they sign up for autopay!

We have more than 150 reviews from people who are satisfied with our services, and we also have examples of successful treatment programs on our website. Please contact us directly if you need additional examples of our work. We enjoy helping homeowners and businesses with their customer lawn care needs, and we believe in the way we do business.

Our offices are located in Evans GA to serve the greater Augusta GA area. However, our business has grown to serve almost all of the greater CSRA of Georgia and South Carolina, including Richmond, Columbia, McDuffie and Lincoln counties in GA and Aiken, Edgefield, McCormick, and Saluda counties in SC. Please reach out to us if you want to confirm your specific area is within our current coverage range.

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